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Are you looking to study at University level?

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Opportunity Network offers a comprehensive range of services to students seeking to study at higher education level. Our aim is to provide a viable, affordable alternative to sourcing a programme of study. Accessing higher education through college or sixth form and then to university may not be a viable or accessible for everyone. Opportunity Network recognises this. The organisation has over 40 years combined experience in recruitment, marketing and education.

Preparing for employment

We use our wealth of experience to find courses that allow students to get involved in a practical and vocational education focused on long term employability.

Assistance in finding the right course

Opportunity Network staff have a range of expertise in vocational courses. We provide assistance in finding the right course to suit students’ needs. Opportunity Network facilitates a flexible approach in helping students to access the education they seek. We use a number of different platforms to assist students to access the education most suited to them. We provide an advisory service and also help students prepare for admission to their chosen course. We do this by giving students the exact help and information that they require thus allowing them to make informed decisions.


The Opportunity Network can assist business entrepreneurs and people seeking to increase their employment prospects. There is a strong community focus in our philosophy. We believe an educated community means a better community. Many individuals aspire to break the mould. Unfortunately in the current climate this is often difficult. The School seeks to enable and empower interested candidates to access higher education regardless of their circumstances. Time is often a barrier but this can be overcome with the flexibility provided by the institutions we work with. Finance can be a major barrier. We also provide support and assistance with information on funding opportunities which could be the difference between studying or not.

We aim to find programmes that run throughout the year on full time and part time modes - evenings and weekends. Every student is different and we strive to meet their diverse needs.


The team at Opportunity Network is proficiency in delivering the service we provide. Our marketing director himself has run many recruitment businesses in-house and the team is innovative and has a genuine desire to see that students are provided with a good education.

Funding finance and fees

Opportunity Network understands that fees and funding is one of the main barriers in the pursuit of higher education opportunities. The UK government provides a wide range of funding for those people looking to progress their skill. Unfortunately, accessing this funding can be complex. One of the key services offered by Opportunity Network is to understand the needs and the individual circumstances of our applicants and assist them in finding the appropriate course. We also provide assistance with the application for financial aid. Depending on individual circumstances, typical applicants will be entitled to full tuition fee support, additional funding to cover the cost of living while in education, child care and other expenses.

If you are considering education to enhance your employability or entrepreneurial skills get in touch with the Opportunity Network and we will help to find the right course for you.